Learn To Use Life Insurance As Your Own Private Bank And/Or Retirement Vehicle

John "Hutch" Hutchinson
Founder of BankingTruths.com


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Why should you do what banks say, when you can do what they do?

Why let them pay you “point-nothing” while they reap exponential profits from your cash?

Why let them funnel the velocity from your monthly cash flow onto their balance sheets, when you can redirect that momentum toward your own coffers instead?

When we learned of this private banking strategy as industry professionals in 2008, we immediately understood the sheer potential of bringing this big institutional thinking down to our individual clients.

Wanting to create our own private family banks, we sifted through books, videos, and articles on the subject that we found to be:

  • Biased and unbalanced
  • Incomplete and out of date
  • Exaggerated and over-sensationalized,
  • Smoke and mirrors leading to a hyped-up sales pitch.

As independent financial professionals with our own money on the line, not only did we uncover the whole truth behind becoming your own banker, but we have substantially improved upon its application through continuous innovation.

We created this site because we wanted to share the immense financial force we have found through this strategy. Now, our own well-funded private family banks act as the hub of our finances, the way station, the launchpad towards:

  • major family expenditures,
  • outside investment opportunities,
  • and our ongoing business ventures.

Like most entrepreneurs and real estate investors already know, the best rate of return you can get will almost always come from within your own business. These realms where you have more intimate knowledge and control will consistently yield the sweetest fruit.

Maintaining sufficient liquidity is key to taking control and capitalizing on unique timely investment opportunities whenever they happen to arise. 

When the sky starts falling again and cash is truly king, the most profitable opportunities during your lifetime will present themselves to you. However, no one knows exactly how long it will take for the economy to rumble through its cycles.

Unfortunately, if you want to protect your capital in today’s low interest-rate environment you are given 2 rather uncompelling options:

  1. Sacrifice real growth to keep your money safe and liquid in major banks
  2. Or risk your capital in markets you don’t understand for a chance at growth

There is a third option though! One that not coincidentally is used by big banks themselves and other major corporations while simultaneously protecting and growing their own liquid reserves.

These huge corporations fund generous executive retirement programs using maximum-funded life insurance policies. Along the way these robust cash receptacles act as liquid assets, which can be utilized at any point for emergency cash reserves or a strategic investment fund when unique business opportunities arise.

We pride ourselves on laying out information that’s factual, up to date, and easy to understand. That way you can quickly arrive at a place of certainty in your understanding of this banking concept while conserving your energy for the other important things in life.

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John "Hutch" Hutchinson
Founder of BankingTruths.com


Guaranteed access to your equity whenever emergencies or investment opportunities present themselves (no age restrictions apply)


Controlled growth without market losses. Your equity continues compounding on your behalf even when borrowed against for outside investment opportunities


Built in ability for:
Tax-sheltered growth
Tax-exempt distributions
Tax-free death benefit
Do you think tax rates will rise in the future?


Multi-faceted protection available in case of death, disability, chronic illness, and potentially even against creditors and predators bringing lawsuits

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