Learn About Whole Life Insurance - IBC's Building Block

This isn’t your grandmother’s Whole Life policy!

Learn how we re-engineer a traditional Whole Life product to be retrofit with a combination of policy features and riders to boost early cash value as well as long-term performance. 

Start with our “Whole Life Race Car Analogy” video below to understand how all the moving parts interact with each other, then drill deeper with the articles and videos all about product underneath.

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Whole Life’s Riders and Growth Components Explained


Whole Life Dividends Explained

Whole Life dividends are one of the most attractive features of using a policy building your own private family bank. This article explores common dividend myths, how to maximize dividends while accumulating wealth, and how to best distribute them when using Whole Life for retirement.

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Paid-Up Additions stack onto a base whole life insurance policy

Paid-Up Additions (PUA) Rider: The Secret to Accelerating Whole Life Insurance

Paid-Up Additions (PUA) are mini chunks of whole life insurance stacked onto an ordinary whole life policy acting like a turbo-charger of sorts. Because paid-up additions are completely paid-up in one shot, a PUA increases your Whole Life’s policy’s guaranteed cash value & death benefit. Paid-Up Additions can be added via a PUA rider or by electing it as the primary dividend option.

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