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About Banking Truths

John “Hutch” Hutchinson - ChFC®, CLU®, EA, CExP® , AEP®

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John, or “Hutch” as he’s often known as, is the founder of BankingTruths.com. He is not only a proponent of the strategy discussed throughout this site, but also a customer himself. Hutch specializes in taking a visual educational approach with clients, boiling down complex financial strategies to simple sketches and stories that they can easily understand. He is also a perpetual student in the continually evolving subject of wealth creation/preservation. Although he has earned some of the most respected classifications in the financial industry, Hutch learned some of the hardest lessons first as a consumer.

You see, Hutch watched his father’s life’s work as a successful entrepreneur come unraveled due to a premature death coupled with a lack of proper planning. After in-fighting among heirs of a blended family ensued, Hutch eventually was granted a sum of money to be “professionally-managed” in trust during what turned out to be “the lost decade.” Having no control and little say as to how the account was managed, Hutch saw his account churned more than once as the broker switched parent companies. He also saw the balance fluctuate violently after the tech-bubble of the early 2000’s and then again through the housing crash of 2008-2009.

After the first free-fall, Hutch used this as motivation to learn more about the mechanics of money as a consumer, and eventually joined the financial services industry before the second crash hit. Hutch was convinced he could build a more client-friendly model, and was determined to learn the business from the ground up. After working for two prominent parent companies, he eventually left a major financial company’s advanced business-planning team to create his own independent boutique practice, not to be “in bed” with any particular financial institution.

Because of his own entrepreneurial nature and what happened with his dad, Hutch especially enjoys working with business owners and self-employed real estate investors. He fully understands that an entrepreneur’s best rate of return will almost always come from within their own businesses where they have more access, knowledge, and control than they do with volatile financial markets.

Hutch lives in San Clemente, California with his wife of over 13 years, whom he met in elementary school. They have three daughters and enjoy going on travel adventures together as well as playing tennis, golf, going to the beach, and being of service through their church and other local causes.

Ben Vondrak – Financial Strategist

Ben was initially drawn to the financial industry from his college years when he first began to invest his own money. He first subscribed to the Wall Street Journal at age 18. While taking coursework on economics and the financial planning process his intrigue and interest grew. Ben began his first job in the financial services industry in 2006 when he graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

In 2012, after having worked for two large financial companies, Ben saw that there was an inherent conflict of interest by working for financial companies who had their own proprietary products. Ben eventually chose leave the safety of his employment to venture into the independent realm with partner John “Hutch” Hutchinson. Together they started an independent boutique practice allowing them to pursue the strategies and/or products that will best fit their clients’ financial needs.

Ben’s affinity to entrepreneurship and working with business owners was instilled in him early on. His father owns a successful construction business and has enjoyed a loyal and fruitful relationship with the same financial professional for over 30 years. Because of the freedom and financial stability provided through that relationship, Ben’s family has been able to create many wonderful memories together over the years, which he is grateful for.

Ben helps his clients create that same sense of confidence and freedom freedom so they can focus on their business, family, and values knowing that their financial world is well cared for. Being in his 30’s Ben seeks to create lasting relationships by forging strategies that will safely grow and protect his clients’ wealth over the decades to come.

Today Ben lives in coastal San Diego with his wife Megan. They enjoy traveling together and an outdoor lifestyle where they like to bike, hike and golf as well as being involved with their local church.

Rodney Smith

Rodney first cut his teeth as an entrepreneur by starting a regular lawn service operation during elementary school. He later formed a profitable construction company in high school, and later managed his family’s commercial and residential real estate operations while earning his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University at age 22. The informal lessons learned from these early business ventures proved to be of equal or greater value than what he learned from formal schooling.

Upon graduation from college, Rodney’s desire to help other entrepreneurs make intelligent financial decisions led to a consulting position with an international leader in the employee benefits industry. Rodney advised more than 200 business owners with implementation of employee benefit programs designed to hedge against short-term cash flow crunches.

Although he achieved regional and national recognition in this role, Rodney was troubled by the void of sound wealth building advice for the entrepreneurs he served, including his parents. He decided to take his calling towards entrepreneurs to the next level. Determined to crack the code, Rodney started intensively researching different offerings in the financial advice industry. This prompted him to seek a partnership with a top financial firm to deliver uncommon value to entrepreneurs when advising how to effectively build liquid and protected personal wealth from the fruits of their biggest and most illiquid asset – their businesses.

Banking Truths stood out above the rest because of its focus on tax efficiency, steady growth, protection, and liquidity which ultimately supports business owners, real estate investors, and high income earners as they focus on where they make their highest rate of return in life.

After a “dating period” with Banking Truths developing several joint client relationships while maintaining his independence, Rodney concluded that he belonged with this group. With a history of delivering “straight shooter” recommendations, white-glove service, and a collaborative team approach, Rodney could now offer an unparalleled value to his clients. Following an intense two-way vetting process, Rodney joined the Banking Truths advisor team.

Now Rodney services clients coast to coast remotely from Shreveport, Louisiana. Here he and his wife are raising their two young daughters with a mini-dachshund. Rodney and his family are highly involved with their church, including hosting a Community Group at their home as well as participating in a local businessmen’s disciple-makers group.


Education: Collectively our team has a number of prestigious designations in various aspects of planning. We also believe in taking a very educational approach in helping clients by boiling down complex concepts and strategies into simple stories and sketches that will help them digest the information. By taking an educational rather than salesy approach, we inform our clients about their options and let them sell themselves on what will be best for their family.

Independence and Objectivity: Having worked for different captive and career operations in the past, each member of our team has decided that true independence is the only way to objectively serve our clients. Our competition is often married to one or a few product providers that butter their bread, often at the expense of the client. By maintaining only broker contracts with the various product providers, we have no minimums to meet nor do we have allegiance to any entity other than our clients. As the industry changes and old products become extinct while new product offerings become available, we can stay at the cutting edge of what is available to best suit our clients in each of their unique situations.

The Golden Rule: “Do for others as you would have them do for you.” Many of our competitors put their own self-interest first. They do this by choosing product providers that either pay them a higher commission rate (often at the expense of the client) or by designing policies in such a way that increases the amount of commission they would be entitled to. We aim to be the last and final stop on our clients’ journey to find the most ethical provider who will put your financial goals before their own. We believe that by doing this, our clients will not only keep coming back to us as their life progresses and they need further assistance, but they will also feel comfortable sharing what we can do with their close friends and family.

Entrepreneurship: The spirit of entrepreneurship is what founded this great country as well as what made it the dominant economic force in the world. We believe that entrepreneurs will earn their highest rates of return in their own business where they have more knowledge, access, and control than they do with volatile financial markets they know little about. This includes intimate knowledge of real estate markets that they have intimate access to.

Control, Access, and Liquidity: We believe that the control over their own financial destiny is what makes the potential for an entrepreneur so great. Access to liquidity is often the fuel behind exerting that control and converting it to wealth. It seems that most financial account types either limit your access to liquidity, or you have to trade any potential for growth and/or tax-sheltering in order to maintain liquidity. We believe you deserve the best of all worlds and are happy to reveal how to achieve this safely by showing you an institutional strategy that major banks employ.

Freedom: “In the land of the free, your money is a measure of your freedom.” We believe that the amount of accessible wealth you maintain increases your options and therefore increases the amount of freedom you have in our great country. Creating passive growth and income gives you more choices, more confidence, and more peace of mind.

Technology: The prevalence of technology is bringing forth a new industrial revolution, and with it a new level of freedom for those who employ it properly. We use technology to effectively communicate with our clients wherever they are in the world. Using screen-sharing technology we can have a meaningful and productive working session with them wherever they can access the internet.

Service: We believe that we’re at our best when serving others. In addition to our own charitable, religious, and service-oriented endeavors, we know that we are uniquely qualified to serve clients in the capacity of bringing confidence and security back to their financial picture.

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To empower our clients to create a more secure financial foundation by building their own privatized banking mechanism. Through engaging education, an independent platform, as well as constant innovation in an ever-changing marketplace, we are able to inform about the best products and strategies to help clients become their own banker.


To instill enough confidence into armies of clients to ween their reliance on Wall Street and the banking industry for their own financial success. To help them build their own banks full of safely growing and accessible wealth where one dollar can do double duty and wear multiple hats.