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Direct vs Non-Direct Recognition for Infinite Banking & Alt Loans

We’re going to dissect the most confusing concept when it comes to infinite banking: direct vs non-direct recognition life insurance companies.

This concept deals specifically with how whole life companies credit dividends on loaned money when borrowing against direct vs non-direct recognition life insurance policies.

Direct vs Non Direct Recognition Dividends For Banking

We’re also going to discuss 2 effective alternatives to direct vs non-direct recognition loans which can substantially enhance long term performance when practicing infinite banking:

  • synthetic non-direct recognition loans
  • signature loans

In fact, when it comes to infinite banking, both direct and non-direct recognition loans pale in comparison to these two far more efficient alternatives.

If you make it to the bottom of this article, you’ll learn about “Hutch’s Decision-Tree Logic” for choosing the right type of loan to optimize my own infinite banking strategy. There you will find my own personal deciding factors I run through when deciding which type of loan is best to take under different circumstances.

Let’s get into direct vs non-direct recognition and even better alternatives…


The easy way to remember the difference between direct vs non-direct recognition loans

Click here for Hutch’s mnuemonic device to keep direct vs non-direct recognition straight.

Non-Direct Recognition Life Insurance Companies: A Deeper Dive

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Direct Recognition Life Insurance: Overlooked & Misunderstood with Infinite Banking

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Synthetic Non-Direct Recognition Loans: An Efficient Infinite Banking Workaround

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Signature Loans: Another Non-Direct Recognition Alternative

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Hutch’s Full Decision-Tree Logic When Choosing the Correct Loan to Optimize His Infinite Banking Strategy

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Conclusion on Direct vs Non-Direct Recognition Life Insurance Loans vs Alternative Loans

As you can see the direct vs non-direct recognition debate isn’t as clear and simple as many pundits would have you believe. Plus, if you focus only on whether direct v non-direct recognition policy loans, you’d be missing a huge enhancer to the infinite banking strategy:

With infinite banking, direct vs. non-direct recognition doesn’t matter when using synthetic non-direct recognition or signature loans. Either type of Whole Life policy is improved when using these alternative infinite banking loan options.

The notion that there is some infinite banking magic to a policy loan is a complete myth and ironically was portrayed because of the common use of direct recognition by Nelson Nash.

Since you now know how to acquire much more efficient loans than your standard direct or non-direct recognition life insurance loans, you should only utilize a policy loan for 2 reasons:

  1. Absolute privacy
  2. Or absolute flexibility

Otherwise, you should definitely enjoy a substantially lower rate, greater convenience, and/or more total loan capacity using one of these viable infinite banking alternatives:

At the end of the day, the main driver of how successful your infinite banking strategy is comes down to superior performance from the underlying dividend-paying whole life insurance policy.

Whole Life Arbitrage with Sythetic Non-Direct Recognition

Infinite banking life insurance agents often like to hype the frosting rather than the cake, often for their own selfish reasons.

Our philosophy is to show our clients the very best whole life performers from both the direct and non-direct recognition life insurance companies, educate them about the pros and cons of each, and let them decide for themselves which makes the most sense for their own banking strategy.

You can tap the green button under the pic below to have us walk you through that analysis whenever you’re ready.

Happy Banking,
John “Hutch” Hutchinson ChFC®CLU®EAAEP®CExPs®
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