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Best Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance for Cash Value & Why

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This best whole life insurance review page was last updated 3/2020.

the best whole life company offering dividend paying whole life insurance is Penn Mutual

Disclaimer: Which dividend-paying Whole Life policy may be best for you will vary depending on your particular age, occupation, hobbies, and health situation. We are NOT one-trick-ponies. Our main value proposition is that we perform extensive analysis and anonymous shopping among the best mutual life insurances companies to find our clients the best whole life insurance policy.

All that said…

In the vast majority of situations, we are finding that Penn Mutual’s newly released “Guaranteed® Whole Life” product is greatly outperforming every other mutual insurance company’s dividend-paying whole life policy. 

Here’s why:

The base policy of Penn Mutual’s Guaranteed® Whole Life policy is one of the leanest and meanest around.

Click to see a whole life insurance rate chart with comparable costs for different dividend paying whole life insurance companies

Penn Mutual not only beats but often CRUSHES the competition when looking at comparable over-funded whole life insurance policy examples.

Click to see a comparison of max-funded dividend paying whole life insurance companies on a cash value chart

Penn Mutual has one of the most flexible, comprehensive, and robust (PUA) Paid Up Additions Rider around, especially when used in conjunction with their term insurance rider.

Click to learn why Penn Mutual’s (PUA) Paid Up Additions Rider is more attractive than other whole life insurance companies

Penn Mutual’s unique “Overloan Protection Rider,” can keep excessive whole life loans from imploding your policy.

Click to understand how installing this safeguard at no cost can help when using whole life for retirement

Penn Mutual’s chronic illness rider is one of the most generous among other dividend paying whole life policies.

Click to understand how Penn’s chronic illness Rider turns their whole life policy into a hybrid life policy with living benefits

5 Compelling Facts about Penn Mutual as a Company

Click to learn what makes Penn Mutual one the best whole life insurance companies


Now What???

If you’re looking for the absolute best whole life insurance policy on the market, built lean and mean the very first time with the optimal blend of riders for maximum cash value performance, then look no further. Penn Mutual’s long-term commitment to policyholder value is obvious, and we’ll show you how to make the most of it with policy design and how to seamlessly integrate the best dividend paying whole life insurance policy into your other wealth-building efforts.

  • Whether you send us over a competitor’s illustration you’re looking at to compare the exact same numbers through Penn’s cash value calculator,
  • Or we jump on a web-conference together and build you the best dividend paying whole life policy from scratch while answering any questions and filling in any gaps in your learning.

We assure you a worthwhile experience with no pressure, no hard pitches, and no games. You’ll see the absolute best from the very start. We don’t have time for games either.

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