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Learn How Whole Life Is
Optimized for Infinite Banking (IBC)

This free PDF boils down 17-years of expert secrets designed to educate you on how the Whole Life sausage is really made for IBC.



Common IBC Hype & Sales Ploys

When agents woo you with too much rhetoric, it often means they’re afraid to go deep into the math with weak policies.


Typical Whole Life Pitfalls to Avoid

Beware of these common traps when being pitched lackluster Whole Life products, companies, or design techniques.


The Key Drivers of Whole Life for IBC

We break down the unique components of a properly-designed Whole Life policy and share the secret sauce to optimize them.


What to look for in a Banking Agent...

What your should expect from any true professional to guide you through the entire IBC educational process.

17 Years Ago We Were In Your Same Shoes Trying to Sift Through the Noise to Find the Truth.

We Freely Share This Info So You'll Know What To Look For

What Clients Are Saying:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of freely available information and their apparent depth of knowledge and sincerity.”
– Robert (Inventor)

“I found them to be approachable, transparent, and highly competent as it related to the industry, the policy options, and optimizing the policies to fit within my strategy.”
– Garth (Executive)

“I researched at and was intrigued by the level of detail and transparency.”
– Kelly (Investor)

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Experienced & Independent IBC Experts

We specialize in helping clients understand & implement the infinite banking concept using the most optimal insurance products for their particular situation.

Leverage our freely available expertise so you can speed-up your own learning journey.
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