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Not sure if investing in life insurance is a good idea? This 4-min video examines how the biggest banks in America park safe & liquid reserves in key employee policies.

Does banking with life insurance sound like a confusing shell game? This 6-min video boils down the essence & explains the simple science of compound interest.

In this mini video course (like a podcast) Hutch addresses the most common knee-jerk concerns clients often have when first considering banking w/ life insurance.


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Browse all our articles & videos that focus specifically on the private family banking concept to familiarize yourself.

For those with a retirement focus of using life insurance as a future buffer against higher taxes & market volatility.

Discover how Whole Life insurance works, how it can grow your capital safely, and how to most efficiently structure a policy.

Learn the ins-&-outs of Indexed Universal Life, how it works, IUL's fees & charges, and explore all its pros & cons.


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Hutch's Ultimate Guide to Understanding The Infinite Banking Concept


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Best Whole Life Insurance Companies For 2022

See the best Whole Life best policies of 2022 from top mutual companies compared. This includes IBC policies using PUA riders & term riders as well as the best performing 10-pay Whole Life policies. You’ll see current dividend rates as well as lower stress-tested dividends for 3 different ages ranging from 30’s-50’s.

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Banking Truths Team

Pay Simple % Earn Compound

People researching the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) w/ Whole Life insurance often believe there is some magic mechanics to taking a policy loan. In reality, the science of compounding, leverage, and arbitrage is what can maximize your Infinite Banking Strategy. This video explores the math behind the myths of banking & the truth of compounding.

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