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IBC Crash Course For 2023’s Rate Volatility > Rising Interest Rate Effect on Whole Life & IBC
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Rising Interest Rate Effect on Whole Life & IBC

With interest rates rising on High-Yield-Savings accounts, many people wonder if it’s still worth doing Whole Life & Infinite Banking. Or maybe they’d be better off staying in savings now that it’s finally paying a “high yield”.

This video goes back in time to look at the fickle & fluctuating interest rates on high-yield savings vs. deploying that money into a 10-pay Whole Life policy. You’ll find that the smoother & steadier growth of Whole Life plus its immunity to taxation makes it a more attractive option.

If you’ve done enough research, and realize this is something you want to pursue for yourself… take a quick moment to book a slot on our team’s calendar before jumping back into the video course!