Whole Life vs. High Yield Savings: Is IBC Still Worth Doing?

Whole Life vs. High Yield Savings

With interest rates rising on High-Yield-Savings accounts, many people wonder if it’s still worth doing Whole Life & Infinite Banking. Or maybe they’d be better off staying in savings now that it’s finally paying a “high yield”.

This video goes back in time to look at the fickle & fluctuating interest rates on high-yield savings vs. deploying that money into a 10-pay Whole Life policy. You’ll find that the smoother & steadier growth of Whole Life plus its immunity to taxation makes it a more attractive option.

Timestamps & Resources:
0:00 – Savings account rates 1998-2023
1:09 – When rates spiked in the 1980’s
1:59 – Pros & Cons of Whole Life vs. Savings Account
3:53 – Showing $100k in taxable savings from 1981-2022
5:08 – Moving $100k from savings into Whole Life over 10 years
6:30 – Why Whole Life beats High Yield Taxable Savings
8:44 – How a Whole Life policy from 1981 does even better
10:25 – Whole Life starts off behind but still wins and why
11:21 – How WL dividends kept stacking even though rates kept falling
12:59 – Summarizing the results & discussing the early years WL is behind

John “Hutch” Hutchinson, ChFC®, CLU®, AEP®, EA Founder of BankingTruths.com
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