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We need only name, birthday, email, zip code, and cell phone to have the insurance company generate you a secure link to their A.I. underwriting portal using Docusign.
John "Hutch" Hutchinson
Founder of BankingTruths

This is all the info we need to get the ball rolling...

Hang tight... here's what happens next:

Look for an email from us once we submit the information into Penn Mutual’s system and then one from them. 
The short form application should only take 15-20 minutes tops and you can save your place in their system if you have to stop short.
If you get approved for insurance without any exam or further questions right away, we can let you know the exact rating you qualified for within 24 hours and then set up a call to go over pricing (which you are not obligated to accept).
Sometimes the auto-approval takes up to 72 hours if they want an underwriter to manually review their findings.
Sometimes they just have follow-up questions, which if answered satisfactorily you still won’t need an exam.
And sometimes they will ask for the full-fledged old-school medical underwriting.
Either way, we will let you know.