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We start by listening to discover where you are with your learning journey in terms of both life insurance product knowledge as well as advanced banking strategies. Then we can fill in any gaps and get you up to speed.

We listen to exactly what you want to accomplish financially and specifically how you want to use your banking policy. That way we can use our vast experience in the field to help you refine, enhance, and optimize your approach. 

We learn the general landscape of your financial picture to flesh out any glaring inefficiencies to improve on as well as possible opportunities that may enhance the overall effectiveness of your private banking strategy.

We educate you about different options in terms of policy, company, features, and benefits with an eye on your particular priorities (i.e: early access, long-term growth, payment flexibility, etc.). Through this we can help you narrow down your choices to focus on the ideal plan.

We gather data points so we can construct initial cash flow projections for your own personalized family banking strategy. On the next call, you can apply your new learning against some true-to-life numbers. Seeing personalized numbers will help cement your understanding of how the strategy could look for you, with optimized product options built specifically for your situation. 

Do you relate with these statements?

This sounds way too good to be true. I want the facts (both good & bad) so I can make an informed decision.

This is so different from other investments I’m in, but it seems like there may be some value. I’d really like to understand this strategy better.

How come I haven’t heard of this before? Why isn’t everyone doing it? (Hint: We’re called “Banking Truths” for a reason) Don’t do what banks say…do what they do!

I’ve been researching for a while. I get it conceptually but need to dive into the details so I can fill in the blanks and decide whether to pull the trigger (or not).

I’ve been talking to other agents who only showed me one policy. I wish they would compare different policies from all the best, biggest, and oldest mutual companies to help me understand my options better.

No pressure, just answers & options

Our team has been doing this for 15 years and can help expedite your research process. Here's what WON'T happen while deciding if we're a good fit to do business with you.

No Hard-Pitch

No Bait & Switch

No Frothy Fluff

No Holding Back Info

No Lackluster Products

No Pressure, Ever!

Let us do all the Shopping, Measuring, and Modeling for you

We're independent and contracted with multiple carriers. This means we're constantly stress-testing who's on top to give you the best fit for your private family banking strategy.

Our clients are smart people!

Our goal is to educate you about all your options,

and then let you sell yourself.


I came across while researching to further the benefits of my 2 existing whole life policies. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of freely available information and their apparent depth of knowledge and sincerity. Despite already having a name-recognizable whole life insurance career agent, I was able to connect with Ben of within 24 hours or so where he shared additional ‘life-changing’ facts. Shortly thereafter I modified my investment strategy, switched my insurance agent to Ben, opened two new whole life policies, and got connected with a well-established banking institution that knew how to favorably unlock the equity in all my whole life insurance policies!
I now have 3 policies and use them every month to increase the velocity of my cashflow. It's working great. I have used loans against my life insurance to buy cars, a condo with our daughter, fund her college, carry us over during a job transition, and to start a business. Working with the team at Banking Truths has been a great experience. Their depth of knowledge and professionalism have made me a client for life.
Came into some money and looking for a safe and secure place to keep a good chunk without sacrificing growth. A friend told me about this concept. I researched the articles & videos at and was intrigued by the level of detail and transparency. I felt comfortable with the team's bedside manner and responsiveness. Also, when asking the hard questions I felt the most confidence in their level of knowledge with their responses and ultimately in designing my plan. I ended up getting 3 policies over the next couple years, and feel very comfortable now especially amidst this market volatility. I believe this is the best place to store cash regardless of market conditions.
I reached out to Ben and Hutch in 2020 to get some help in gameplanning some very nuanced strategy beyond simply purchasing a whole life insurance policy. I found them to be approachable, transparent, and highly competent - capable of answering any questions I had as it related to the industry, the policy options, and optimizing the policies to fit within my strategy. They are quick to respond to any questions and follow through with every action item on their end, keeping me informed along the way. I'm very grateful for them and for the partners they have become in my investment strategy. Knowing what I know, I would enthusiastically work with them again and plan to do so personally in the future.
For someone inherently skeptical and completely new to permanent life insurance, working with Banking Truths was extremely helpful. Hutch and Bryan spent hours of time explaining different policies, options, and features - all with a focus on education and not sales. Since starting with one policy for my wife, I've now purchased a policy for myself and my two kids and may be back for another before long. Life insurance now plays a significant role in my savings strategy and I regularly use my CVLOC to access the money for purchases and investments. I would recommend Banking Truths to anyone looking to learn about permanent life insurance and the role it should play in your portfolio.
Retired (Under 50)



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FAQs About This Process

First of all, we design policies with a min-max premium range, where the minimum premium due is only around 20%-30% of the maximum allowable amount. 

However, since most people start with at least one maximum-funded premium this gives you some flexibility to pay less in the future or even borrow against your cash value to pay your next premium in case of emergency. It is optimal to max fund when you can, and doing so only gives you more and more room to either borrow or flexibly fund in the future.

Not necessarily, but in some cases yes, when clients are too old (>66) or have very serious unresolved health issues. 

That said, we’ve found that people tend disqualify themselves prematurely, when in fact we have often been able to work magic by shopping to multiple carriers and properly framing the facts.

We’re all about shrink-wrapping the least amount of death benefit allowed around whatever maximum premium you plan on pumping in. Remember that the bulk of Whole Life’s costs are mainly based on how much death benefit you buy. However, the older you are the less death benefit you need to squeeze in large premiums. We’ve found that this shrink-wrapping effect for older/unhealthier people leads to much smaller growth differentials than these clients originally expected to the point where it is often still actionable.

Where appropriate, older insureds can sometimes still be the owner of policies on younger/healthier family members or key employees if the differential turns out to be too vast.

Most people erroneously think of life insurance as an either/or-proposition (“either I use my money to do life insurance or use it to I do X”). But rather than thinking of whether or not a properly-funded banking policy is the best investment choice you can make, think about it as your holding tank or future launchpad in between all other investment choices.

Another reason why many of my clients consider using permanent life insurance as the foundational savings location is so they don’t have to be in a hurry to rush into lackluster investment opportunities simply just to get money deployed.

I strongly suggest learning more about the liquidity mechanisms available so you can fully understand how a properly-structured policy doesn’t preclude you from investing your liquidity elsewhere simultaneously.

We do NOT charge an up-front fee for our initial meeting to help you with your understanding of this strategy and related products. Throughout this initial call, we are both mutually exploring if it would be a good fit for us to proceed further together.


Assuming we both decide to explore a professional relationship further, we will also NOT charge for a follow-up meeting.

We only get paid if you have us write some sort of life insurance policy on yourself, a family member, or key employee. As independent agents, we are unattached as to which company or policy type you ultimately choose and are happy to educate you about your options and model them out for your particular situation.

Well it depends on a couple factors. 

The first is which company you choose. Since we’re dealing with the oldest and stodgiest of insurance companies (which is a good thing for keeping your money safe), most haven’t fully embraced technological advances in their underwriting processes.

Some have fully embraced AI (artificial intelligence) in the pre-screening phase, which may substantially shorten the underwriting process for you to as little as 1-week with no exam necessary. They’ve done studies showing this AI underwriting technology has been within 97% accuracy. Due to this extreme cost saving measure, they have rewarded policy holders with more robust dividends. 

(Disclosure: Keep in mind that even these most technologically progressive companies reserve the right to do full underwriting, in which case a full exam would be required and it could take 8-10 weeks.)

So the other factor is simply how complex your fact-pattern is. If you are healthy, make a decent living, and are not asking for crazy amounts of insurance, you will be more likely to get fast-tracked through the AI underwriting system after filling out a single Docusign form through a secure web portal. Conversely, if you have complications in your history you will get kicked back to traditional underwriting anyway, and it may be worth having us “anonymously shop” your fact-pattern to various carriers to see who plans to play nice with you.

Several things actually. 

Most of our competitors have some kind of longer-term “sweetheart contract” with certain insurance companies, which incentivizes them to concentrate their business with said carrier to increase their short or long-term payout in some way, shape, or form.

Upon going fully independent in 2012 after having worked directly under 2 major insurance companies, we made the commitment to only maintain base broker contracts with any and all carriers. Having no minimum quotas gives us the flexibility to stay nimble, move with the market, and always offer the best of breed companies & products to our clients. That way we can listen to your situation and match you with the most appropriate offering.

What else?

Some of our competitors run bigger organizations, but we’ve had clients come over reporting how they felt like they were part of a large mill. On the other end of the spectrum is the myriad of lone-wolf agents offering loads of personal attention while selling insurance out of the back of their car. 

We like to think of ourselves as right down the middle with a lean & mean organization that’s more fulfilling to manage, while still having every specialty covered to be able to offer expanded advice when appropriate (broader education in terms financial, retirement, investment, taxation, estate, etc.). For that reason, we don’t take on every client so we can retain the capacity to best serve those we do choose to take on.

We’d be happy to have an initial conversation to see if on paper there’s a mutually beneficial fit, and quite frankly if it feels right for both of us.

Well, there is no catch. But of course I’m going to say that, right? Let me elaborate…

If you work with an agent or group that designs your policy properly, then you’re really just repositioning your liquidity. That’s it. You’re taking liquid assets from an inefficient holding tank (a bank or mattress paying little to nothing) and shifting that liquidity over time to one of the oldest, strongest, and/or biggest mutual life insurance companies in existence. Why? So you can get better growth, shelter from taxation, and pick up some additional protection benefits as result.

Is there a cost? Short term: yes – there are upfront costs and the first couple of years are the worst years. Long term: not as much – since a properly designed policy would end up with considerably more net spendable dollars than if you had not done the policy at all. It’s really as simple as that, and that is what we at intend to model for you in an educational non-salesy manner. Then you can decide if and how much you want to direct towards this type of private banking strategy.

There’s no catch. We offer to do this modeling for free because we’ve done this enough times to know that most of you will follow through with some sort of policy initially only to get more policies in the future on family members. It’s a no-brainer business model from our standpoint if you think about it.

We’re ready when you are. Just remember you’re not getting any younger. So when’s the best time to plant an oak tree? 20 years ago. When’s the next best time?