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Case Studies – A Mathematical Look at Banking with Whole Life

Case Studies – A Mathematical Look at Banking with Whole Life

Do you ever wonder if this whole banking concept with life insurance is a bunch of smoke and mirrors?

Would you like to see some mathematical evidence before investing any more of your valuable time for research, much less any of your retirement savings?

Look no further. This collection of Banking Case Studies will help you put some numbers to the concepts you’ve heard about to help you determine if it’s something you’d like to pursue further.

Each case study involves a unique age, dollar amount, and motivation so you can see the math behind the banking concept play out under different circumstances.

3 Case Study Videos Included:

  1. A 41-year-old family man using Whole Life loans to buy his cars
  2. A 46-year-old real estate investor using Whole Life loans to buy properties
  3. A 51-year-old entrepreneur using Whole Life loans to buy inventory and equipment

What You’ll Learn:

  • See the early impact to cash value from mortality costs
  • Witness the growth curve of Whole Life Insurance year-by-year
  • Understand the impact of loans on your compounding
  • Learn the 3 main drivers that make Banking with Whole Life excel
  • Comprehend how you could be building 2 assets at once

What if looking at the math without hassling an agent you don’t even know helped you determine that this strategy wasn’t ideal for your situation?

Would the $4.99 be worth it?

What if on the other hand this course opened your eyes to a new strategy of safely growing accessible wealth in a way that:

  • Earned you significantly more growth than traditional savings vehicles
  • Sheltered your cash from taxation from here forward
  • Created a much bigger pool of future liquidity for emergencies and opportunities
  • Left your entire family better protected along the way

Would the $4.99 be worth it?

Get access now and see for yourself.

(Note: You can digest content at 1.25x or 1.5x speeds if you choose to, or download to your mobile device and enjoy later without using your data.)

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