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4-D Banking =

What Are The "4 Ds" of 4-D Banking?

As you’ll learn in Hutch’s intro video, the 4-dimensions of 4-D Banking has multiple meanings. For instance:

    • 4 distinct asset types (and their unique loan options) 
    • 4 different types of utility within each of the various banking asset types 
    • Allowing “time” (the traditional 4th dimension) to lower volatility & maximize compounding 
This is the most powerful and comprehensive approach put forth for infinite banking…ever!!!

If Infinite Banking works so well, then why limit it to just life insurance assets?

Don’t get me wrong, Whole Life insurance should be the foundation of any infinite banking strategy.

But if there was a way to make IBC even better, when would you want to know about it?

Most people already own some of these other asset types, but they’re not properly coordinated within a cohesive system.

This disjointed approach we call “Junk Drawer Financial Planning” leads to:

- Overall Inefficiency
- Strangled Liquidity
- Stunted Compounding
- More Ongoing Taxation

Conversely, 4-D Banking makes all your liquid assets and loan types work in concert together!

By expanding your infinite banking strategy with these other accounts and loan options, 4-D Banking helps you:

Build Up Your Bank Quicker

Savings Stuck at Same Level

Boost Your Long-Term Growth

Meager Growth or Exposure to Large Losses

Lower Any Ongoing Loan Drag

Inefficient Loans Stunt Ongoing Growth

Creates Perpetual Tax Efficiency

Unnecessary Taxes Kills Compounding

Access Hutch’s Free Video Course on 4-D Banking Today. Learn how to take your infinite banking strategy to the next level, and get all your wealth building efforts coordinated to maximize your liquid capital.

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