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2023 Year-End IBC Update: Top Whole Life Policies

See the best-performing Whole Life policies for IBC at the end of 2023. Given the changes in interest rates and the overall economic climate, understand how IBC stands to fare going forward.

Timestamps & Resources:
0:00 – Intro on policy design & how rising rates affect IBC
2:20 – Parameters of the comparative example
3:33 – Minimum and maximum premiums due
4:01 – Best policies for early cash value vs. long-term performance (37-year old)
5:13 – 47-year old example (similar pattern to 37-year old)
7:15 – Why the death benefit matters more than you think
7:52 – When you should use Whole Life in retirement
9:46 – 57 Year old example (similar to 37 and 47 before)
11:00 – Beyond the numbers: other unique policy/company features
12:42 – The “Overloan Protection Rider” to lock in your policy from imploding

John “Hutch” Hutchinson, ChFC®, CLU®, AEP®, EA
Founder of