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Don’t Do What Banks Say…Do What They Do!

For Agents

Are you a life insurance agent trying to learn how to effectively share this concept with your clients?

As you know, there is a lot of misinformation and skewed opinions surrounding this banking strategy. Unfortunately, it’s not just outsiders with an axe to grind. Oftentimes it is the producers themselves who are stretching the truth and over-hyping certain factors simply to make a sale. We here at have a vested interest in disseminating the legitimacy of this banking concept in the marketplace.

• Are you currently making a living helping clients implement this banking strategy?
• Are you an experienced financial services professional who has recently been made aware of this banking strategy and are wondering how best to share it with your clients?
• Do you work in a complimentary business (insurance, estate planning, tax planning) and are hoping to diversify your practice by incorporating this banking strategy?
• Have you recently changed careers and are wondering how to kick start your new passion and spread the good word?

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