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How We Stress Test Policies

There’s a saying in the industry that says, “if all you have is a hammer, everybody begins to look like a nail”. And we didn’t want to fall into this trap which is exactly why we left a very good situation with a reputable insurance company several years ago to go independent, and we knew that our ability to be nimble, stay cutting edge of the marketplace as it evolves, and our ability to match each individual situation with the best product in company was the only way to conduct business. 

And our commitment to independence remains. Although it does require a lot of work. So I wanted to give you a sneak preview about how we stress test policies, both globally before we even meet with a client, so we already understand who the players are for the best of breed products and companies. And then on an individual basis once we learn about somebodies health their financial goals how much cash they’re working with. What’s more important, whether it’s highly cash value or long term tax-exempt income.

All of these things come into play as we start to run the numbers and show clients in a visual way which product is probably going to best suit their needs.

Also, we want to be able to stress test, not only under favorable averages but what happens if things aren’t quite as good as we hoped them to be. How does it look then? And does that affect their overall situation?

And what we found is that when you’re able to highlight this for clients, then we don’t really have to do selling at all. We’re able to educate them on what’s possible, what their choices are, and then let them sell themselves on what options are going to be best for them.

Now at one end of the spectrum, we have clients that are extremely detail oriented and they want to look over our shoulder as we cut up these products multiple different ways. That’s totally fine with us.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have clients that are extremely busy and really just want a recommendation and maybe a 30,000-foot explanation as to why that is.

Either one or anywhere in between is okay with us. We’ve been branded as the product geeks and we do resemble that remark.

Just remember we’re totally independent. So as long as you’re comfortable with us writing the business for you, we’re comfortable doing all the heavy lifting and the analysis it takes to present our findings and do that shopping for you.

So if you’ve been researching this conceptually remember, the rubber meets the road really looking at your own numbers and your own specs. And we’re happy to do all that for you.

So I’d strongly recommend finding a time where you can jump on a webinar with us, talk to us about your situation and let us go to work for you.