Illustrations – The Art & Science of Presentation

Build and explain illustration templates comprehensively to your clients’ most common questions and concerns about how life insurance works. More importantly, learn the foundational concepts and the conversations you must educate your clients on before transitioning to a product ledger.


Remember the last time, you lost an ultra-qualified client after showing him/her that illustration you were so proud of crafting for them?              

Let’s face it, illustrations are a necessary component of placing a life insurance policy. But if illustrations could sell themselves, then life insurance companies would have no need for agents.

Yet most agents (and agencies for that matter) use illustrations as the primary tool when trying to place their case, as if spreadsheets are compelling enough themselves to create a “yes.”

One of my early mentors told me, “if your client gets the concept, then the details are irrelevant. And if your client doesn’t get the concept, then the details will always be irrelevant.”

That’s why we start with layers of conceptual education before producing any illustration. If this foundational phase is done properly, then an illustration is simply a matter of using the numbers to reinforce concepts the client has already agreed would enhance their financial situation.

So yes, we do use illustrations, in fact we splice a number of illustrations into one template. But we use this spool a supporting verification tool AFTER the client has been primed with some core foundational concepts.

Neuroscience has proven that human beings make decisions from their right brain. It’s no wonder that closing ratios are poor after you force-feed your clients with a slew of left-brained data and expect them to act.

Alternatively, when we go over the figures of an illustration, we often use simple sketches right on the illustration to remind our clients of those foundational concepts and bring them back to their right brain.

We also run the exact same illustration in multiple different ways, so we can address whatever question or concern they have immediately with that verification.

Picture yourself being prepared with a diverse set of illustrations to support the main driver of your process: concepts, stories, and sketches that will burn into your client’s right brain where they will eventually make a buying decision (or not) about your products and services.

Here’s what we have for you:

Over 6-Hours of Instructional Video Content:

“The Policy Education Meeting”:  Layering the foundational education your clients need before they can get comfortable committing to a sizeable permanent insurance product. Almost all clients have the same questions and concerns throughout the process, and these conversations proactively handle them head-on.

“Pivoting from Concept to Illustration”:  Transferring the conceptually learning to an illustration using the stories and sketches you’ve already shared in the meeting above

“Whole Life Specific Illustration Conversations”:  Whole Life specific illustration discussions that will help dispel the most common concerns clients will have

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Specific Illustration Conversations:  Indexed Universal Life (IUL) specific illustration discussions that will help dispel the most common concerns clients will have

Tying it All Together When Closing a Case:  How to help your clients choose the proper funding amounts plus zeroing in on the features and benefits they like best when featuring their custom-designed policy to be issued and delivered.

Creating Compelling Whole Life Illustrations:  How we run the exact same Whole Life illustration multiple different ways to validate the conceptual learning (growth, flexibility, income, private banking, and worst-case scenarios).

Creating Compelling Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Illustrations:  How we run the exact same IUL illustration multiple different ways to validate the conceptual learning (growth, flexibility, income, private banking, and worst-case scenarios).

Downloadable White-Labeled PDF Worksheets:

Examples of our Prepackaged Whole Life and IUL Illustration Templates (PDF Spools) we share with clients to help address every question that routinely comes up.

The Pants Doc to help your clients appreciate how the nominal early impact to liquidity is worth the mid and long-term benefits of using permanent life insurance as their own private bank.

Seed Money Sources identifies potential premium sources that can be redeployed from your clients’ existing assets or inefficient cash flows to create a better long-term result.

Checklist for Choosing WL or IUL helps you and your client answer certain questions to discover the most appropriate insurance product for them

Bonus Content:

Hutch’s Tech Tools:  Learn Hutch’s full suite of tech tools he uses to take his practice digitally and make any image or PDF an annotatable canvas to shift his clients back to their right brain. See what hardware and software he uses to draw on screen when featuring illustrations on a web-meeting or live in any office setting with them.

It’s so difficult to get qualified leads to sit down with you and go through your process.

Remember the cases you’ve wasted as your clients’ eyes glazed over while showing them illustrations you were so proud of building.

Imagine instead your qualified prospects being primed to see a series of illustrations that align perfectly with solidifying concepts you’ve shared with them about financial features they desperately want.

That’s how illustrations can be a powerful tool – when they’re constructed properly, and when they’re shared at the right moment once your client has been primed to digest them.

Get started now. Learn these critical illustration techniques and priming conversations so you can make the most of the cases you’re working so hard to open.

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