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Hybrid Premium Finance Roundup

We’re building out a custom video all about “Hybrid Premium Finance” or “Home Grown Premium Finance.” It’s how to take a fiscally responsible leverage strategy the wealthy have been utilizing for decades and DIY it giving you more access and control to your policy along the way.

In the meantime, below is a roundup with 3 of our other most relevant pieces of content that gets to the heart of the matter:

Moving Cash Value from One Pocket to Another

In this video we discuss how to borrow against a lackluster Whole Life policy to create another policy. After testing we have found this works well with even Whole Life policies from struggling companies. So doing so with 2 high-performing Whole Life policies can really maximize promising compounding in your favor.

Synthetic Non-Direct Recognition Loans or Cash Value Line of Credit Programs (CVLOC)

These programs are the most efficient way to borrow against your policy. Even if you borrow to juice-up your WL portfolio with more paid-up addition premiums, this presents a very attractive arbitrage proposition since these CVLOC programs offer the lowest rates.

"Home-Grown Premium Finance" is a hybrid between IBC and Premium Finance

This video goes into the difference between Premium Finance and IBC (the infinite banking concept). The 2 are really photo negatives of each other, and the hybrid approach gives you the best of both worlds:

  • Full access/control to your policy equity

  • Maximizing the amount of compounding working in your favor