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Here are a few suggested items to review before the call:
– Newbs should definitely take our IBC quiz first
– Savants should read our Ultimate Guide to WL 4 IBC
– Browsers should dig into our entire content library

Our quick interactive quiz gives you real-time feedback after each of the 10-questions. It’s meant to clear up the most common confusion we find our clients struggle with early on.

You will NOT be able to find a more comprehensive resource on how best to structure banking insurance policies than what we have clearly laid out for you in our 10-page PDF “The Ultimate Guide to Whole Life for IBC”

For those of you star students that have completed both of the above, we have a pretty extensive library of articles & videos for you to browse through.

Ever heard that saying “You can’t learn to swim from a book”? Well, this isn’t exactly the case with IBC, but pretty close.

Obviously, academic research can only get you so far, which is why you’ll find our live session together so impactful. Plus we’ll be able to get a sense of what you want and what you’re working with to show you true-to-life numbers relevant to your particular situation.

That’s where we find that our future clients really turn the corner in the learning. See you soon!