10/25 – Using Life Insurance Inside Qualified Plans to Boost Deductions

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3:20 – How you subsidize the purchase of life insurance with tax savings?

6:30 – Introduction to the Senex Group. TPA pension insurance specialists.

7:30 – Great line to peak your successful clients’ interest in a pension plan.

14:00 Is your client a “tax victim”?

17:00 Great distinction between a defined contribution plan and a defined benefit plan

20:40 Who is a great prospect for a defined benefit plan?

25:00 Clients need huge deductions? Look at these possibilities.

28:30 The Micro-Market. Who is the best fit for a pension plan?

34:00 How many people are impacted by estate taxes?

35:40 Pension insurance provides a double death benefit. Here’s how…

37:30 How pension-owned life insurance works. Is it really deductible?

39:30 Amazing case study. Check out the impact of a pension.

42:20 Get the government to pay their fair share of your life insurance

47:00 Benefit to utilizing a pension policy with exchange privileges

48:50 Hutch’s take on why pension life insurance is so powerful

54:00 How to use the pension insurance for your benefit.

58:00 Example case study

1:01:00 Show your clients how to save an extra $250,000 before taxes

1:06:45 How to help your pass through business clients utilizing 199A

1:13:40 Hutch’s summary of effective use of 199A

1:20:00 When do you need to set up the plans to ensure receiving the deduction?

1:23:00 Powerfully introduce your CPA contacts to the pension strategy in order to get referrals to qualified prospects.