I came across while researching to further the benefits of my 2 existing whole life policies. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of freely available information and their apparent depth of knowledge and sincerity. Despite already having a name-recognizable whole life insurance career agent, I was able to connect with Ben of within 24 hours or so where he shared additional ‘life-changing’ facts. Shortly thereafter I modified my investment strategy, switched my insurance agent to Ben, opened two new whole life policies, and got connected with a well-established banking institution that knew how to favorably unlock the equity in all my whole life insurance policies!
I now have 3 policies and use them every month to increase the velocity of my cashflow. It's working great. I have used loans against my life insurance to buy cars, a condo with our daughter, fund her college, carry us over during a job transition, and to start a business. Working with the team at Banking Truths has been a great experience. Their depth of knowledge and professionalism have made me a client for life.
Came into some money and looking for a safe and secure place to keep a good chunk without sacrificing growth. A friend told me about this concept. I researched the articles & videos at and was intrigued by the level of detail and transparency. I felt comfortable with the team's bedside manner and responsiveness. Also, when asking the hard questions I felt the most confidence in their level of knowledge with their responses and ultimately in designing my plan. I ended up getting 3 policies over the next couple years, and feel very comfortable now especially amidst this market volatility. I believe this is the best place to store cash regardless of market conditions.
Retired (Under 50)
For someone inherently skeptical and completely new to permanent life insurance, working with Banking Truths was extremely helpful. Hutch and Bryan spent hours of time explaining different policies, options, and features - all with a focus on education and not sales. Since starting with one policy for my wife, I've now purchased a policy for myself and my two kids and may be back for another before long. Life insurance now plays a significant role in my savings strategy and I regularly use my CVLOC to access the money for purchases and investments. I would recommend Banking Truths to anyone looking to learn about permanent life insurance and the role it should play in your portfolio.