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Powerful Open-Talks Using Social Proof [Unlocked]

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0:00 – Why these Open Talks are different and why early momentum is needed to overcome your prospect’s pre-conceived notions about life insurance.
4:30 – How to get Hutch’s downloads for free
5:45– “Dropping the L-Bomb” then immediately shifting their paradigm using “Social Proof”
6:44 – Dissecting Hutch’s “Bank Talk” and understanding the psychology behind the narrative
14:45 – Student Question: “What objections and questions do you usually get after this talk.”
17:00 – Student Question: “How do you lead into the bank talk?”
19:08 – What to do if your prospect’s questions lead you into the weeds
20:10 – Showing how America’s biggest retailer used life insurance to bolster the “Bank Talk” if necessary
23:43 – Demonstrating how prestigious Universities use life insurance to recruit, retain, and reward their most valuable employees


Social Proof Of Life Insurance In The Media

This 2-page document has some fantastic links to utilize when sitting next to a client to allow them to see first-hand some notable examples of Life Insurance being utilized as a banking strategy.

Download Now (PDF)

Skip to min-marker 5:45 in the webinar above for an explanation.


This video shows you how to create current bank balance sheets for any banking institution you want. Thankfully it’s public information so you can do this as often as you want, or use the time-tested older template that Hutch uses every time (download below).

Video Explanation On Pulling Balance Sheets


Example of Newer Bank Balance Sheet Report (PDF)

Hutch’s Older 2-Page Version (PDF)