Open Talks That Get a “Yes”

Overcome the 3 Biggest Hurdles to Succeed in the Life Insurance Business

If you sell life insurance, then you already know the 3 biggest hurdles to doing business are:

#1) You have to first find qualified people who even want to meet with you about life insurance  

#2) Once you do, the second hurdle is getting them to actually sit through your presentation

With today’s short attention spans, if your prospective clients don’t hear something compelling within that first minute, you’re pretty much done for. Which brings us to the third and perhaps tallest hurdle that you must overcome:

#3) Life insurance has a horrible reputation just about everywhere! 

That’s exactly why more than 90% of new life insurance agents fail within their first couple of years of being in business. And also why the vast majority of those that do survive are doing just that… they’re barely surviving. 

We personally got tired of peddling a product that everyone hated by trying to guilt them into doing the right thing. No one ever moves quickly or powerfully when it comes to dealing with a “necessary evil.” Think of all those things you NEED to do right now:

  • Sit-Ups
  • Your taxes
  • A colonoscopy
  • Cleaning out your garage

Any of these things get you excited or motivated to take action?

Didn’t think so.

That’s why we’ve crafted a very compelling (and factual) life insurance open talk that knocks over these 3 huge hurdles standing in the way of your success as a life insurance agent. 

Imagine leaping over those hurdles instead.

  1. What if anybody who puts money into the bank suddenly became a prospect? (Whether or not they even need life insurance at all)
  2. What if you can get your prospect’s undivided attention by quickly name-dropping several major companies and celebrities who choose life insurance as a premier financial tool
  3. And what if in the course of one short meeting you could provide definitive proof that bumps your prospect’s context around permanent life insurance so much so, that they’re eager to share their personal financial information with you, and then schedule the next meeting to learn more.

We do this in our practice with something we call “The Bank Talk.” We built our entire careers using this exact same talk long before we had a successful website. Over the years we’ve refined “The Bank Talk” to the point where it gets the majority of qualified prospects motivated to share their information with us and to book a more detailed meeting.

And when “The Bank Talk” doesn’t move the needle for someone, we know not to waste any more time because they obviously have some kind of hang-up or preconceived notion that was going kill the case no matter what.

Think about it. Everybody wants what we have to offer:

  • Steady and controlled growth
  • Guaranteed protection against market losses
  • A perpetual tax-shelter
  • Access and liquidity at any time for any reason
  • Extra benefits in case of death and possibly if they become too sick or hurt to work

We have the truth on our side, but the industry itself has just done a terrible job of positioning the offer properly. Our company is called Banking Truths for a reason. Through this talk, we’re simply revealing Truths for our clients that their banks would rather they didn’t know. Year after year we close multiple five, six, and sometimes even seven-figure cases online starting with this exact same “Bank Talk” upfront to combat the negative context that life insurance already lives inside of.

In fact, we stopped getting frustrated about the horrible reputation that permanent life insurance has. It’s for this reason alone – that opportunity is everywhere. If the industry hadn’t done such a terrible job over the last 50 years, there’d be an over-saturation of successful life insurance agents just like there is with realtors, mortgage brokers, and Starbucks. Instead, everyone you know and everyone they know has a complete misconception about what is possible with using permanent life insurance as:

  • Their own private bank
  • A Tax-exempt retirement vehicle
  • The ideal financial hedging strategy
  • Etc, etc, etc.

You have the opportunity right now to use this “Bank Talk” with all of these potential prospects to shift their paradigm in that very first meeting.

Now we do have a very expensive and comprehensive training course that will walk you through the whole process of how we conduct every single meeting and all the prep work in between, but none of that matters at all if you can’t completely bump their negative paradigm in that very first meeting with undeniable truths.

So – first things first. And that’s why we made this course on “The Bank Talk” super affordable so you can see if you can create this kind of traction in that first meeting.

In this e-course you’ll get 3 videos, one with Hutch unpacking exactly how and why he has “The Bank Talk” talk with his clients, another video featuring the bank talk as a polished monologue, and third video showing you exactly how to find and produce the printouts you need to prove to your prospects that you’re not just making up these grandiose claims.

For $4.99 – you can’t miss. If It helps you open just one new case or helps you resurrect that one client who fell off the map and went dark on you, wouldn’t it will be well worth it?

And you’ll be able to use “The Bank Talk” time and time again to powerfully position life insurance in your practice rather than having to cringe as soon as you drop the L-bomb or guilt people into buying by showing them how horrible their life will be when they die. That’s a very disempowering conversation that no one wants to be in, including myself even though I could make money that way.

I don’t need to. I make a lot more money helping people get something they want and educating them on something they never knew existed (again because our industry’s done such a terrible job).

That’s why our training’s different from probably anything you’ve experienced so far. Because we’re agents too, and everything we teach is exactly what’s working for us in the field time and time again with cases both big and small. Remember, everybody wants what we have to offer if we just position as something they want rather than something they need.

So for $4.99, you can get two café lattes, you can get lunch with super-size fries, you can get just over 2 gallons of gas, OR…

Or you can spend 30-minutes to literally transform how you show up for clients and

  • Get them excited to take the next steps with you
  • So you can drop the “L-Bomb” with confidence
  • And you can back up everything with compelling facts that will crush their negative context
  • It’s how you can kick-start cases with paradigm-shifting momentum to carry you through the most intrusive sales process in the world.

At this price you could literally be hitting the jackpot you need to boost your career, so what are you waiting for? 

Get Access Now for $4.99