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Banking Truths Brain Trust (BTBT) Membership Offer

Tired of being ashamed as soon as you
“drop the L-bomb” =
(say Life Insurance)?

Sick of cases constantly fizzling out from all the negative press and gravity against Life Insurance?

Want to learn how we flip this negative momentum on its head?

✓ Guide your clients so they can create their own private bank with life insurance similar to how big banks themselves do as well as Fortune 500 companies, Famous Entrepreneurs, and university endowment funds.

✓ Build momentum by providing education and advise on options so your clients comfortably sell themselves and take ownership of their choices with their newfound knowledge.

As agents, you actually have the truth on your side but are beset by misinformation at every turn. To combat this you often overload your clients by oversharing too early.

Let us show you how to consistently rise above the slander, and consistently convert reluctant prospects into eager buyers.

Let us show you how to gradually educate in a sequence they can digest using simple stories and sketches they’ll understand.

Let us walk you through how we consistently indoctrinate clients and convert their beliefs around life insurance from a “necessary evil” to their most prized liquid asset.

Introducing “The Banking Truths Brain Trust”

Digest at your own pace or learn on demand as cases situations arise

Over a $10,000 Value

Who This Works For

  • Life insurance agents looking to up their game with a new strategy that will appeal to almost any affluent prospect (especially business owners and real estate investors)
  • Financial planners looking to diversify their practice and incorporate life insurance as a bond alternative, for tax-exempt income, as a private family bank, and a mainstay product for business succession planning
  • Health and P&C brokers looking to consistently cross-sell their clients with confidence in this complex realm of insurance
  • Career-changers wanting top-notch training for independent agents by independent agents

What’s Included for you with the Brain Trust Membership

Ongoing Webinars:

  • Hutch goes live monthly to go over timely topics, case ideas, and industry/product updates
  • Recordings always posted in the archives with time-stamps
  • Member participation welcome – ask questions on demand or email them in ahead of time.
  • Request to be part of a “hot-seat” to solidify your understanding of certain concepts or get Hutch’s perspective on anonymous cases you’re working on (remember: no case-split or redoing your contracts is required)

$4,775 Value

Time-Stamped Archives:

Over 45 hours of past webinar content time-stamped by topic so you can surgically tap into the areas where you want to enhance your skills:

  • Listen to Hutch’s verbal nuggets that simplify things for clients and moves them to action
  • Watch how he draws out key concepts to move past their common mental barriers
  • Product selection and design from the pros
  • Advanced concepts to tap into affluent markets
  • See Hutch’s method of using LinkedIn to connect with potential prospects and the suite of tech tools he uses to work virtually

$3,995 Value


Over 25 unbranded PDFs, spreadsheets, or printable templates so you can add your own logo or use the done-for-you clean look:

    • Templates that cleanly illustrate key concepts that come up every case
    • Interactive spreadsheets to clarify the numbers
    • Key legal and tax concepts laid out in a concise and compliant manner

$1,795 Value

1-on-1 Calls

  • Get customized hands-on help directly from Hutch and Ben anytime during your membership.
  • Use these calls to develop your business plan, customize open talks for high-end prospects, or to rescue cases stuck in the mud.
  • Soon these individualized calls will no longer be offered, and all direct help will come only through the group webinar setting. Lock in your 1-on-1 time now.

$375/hour (# of calls will vary depending on length of membership)

Bonus #1:

  • 2019 State of the Industry: A comprehensive carrier and product review, so you can learn about the scope of options in the marketplace and match the right product with the right client
  • Let us do the initial legwork for you so you can decide which companies you want to drill deeper with
  • Videos showing how Ben manipulates illustration software when designing cases from several of our favorite companies
  • $1,099 Value

If all this did was...

  • Instill enough confidence in you to approach business owners, real estate investors, and wealthy families with an offer they are wired to crave… would it be worth it?
  • Create a new way to help your clients that provided you with a renewable income stream that you could keep growing year after year… would it be worth it?
  • Provide direct access to a proven mentor to help you monthly so you could confidently forge ahead in this complex new arena… would it be worth it?

Join for the full Annual Membership for only $2,220
*plus get 2 half-hour one-on-one calls with each Hutch and Ben (4 calls total) to solidify your learning, grow your business, or hints on cases

Or get started today with the 6-Month Membership for as little as $1,300
*Get 1 half-hour one-on-one call with each Hutch and Ben (2 calls total)

Digest at your own pace or learn on demand as cases and situations arise

“The Banking Truths Brain Trust” – Over a $10,000 Value


  • If the Banking Truths Brain Trust could show you how to powerfully open up multiple cases year after year with clients who otherwise would NOT be interested in life insurance, what would that be worth?
Let’s do some simple math:
  • If this training helped you generate over $15,000 of commissions (plus renewals), wouldn’t your ROI (return on investment) be over 1,000%?
  • What if you did that year-over-year?

Where else can you invest under $1,500 and consistently make 10% or 20%, much less a 1,000% ROI?

I got news for you, these numbers above are SMALL TIME!

High net worth clients like business owners and real estate investors have inordinate amounts of cash and distrust the stock market. They’re craving a place to park cash that’s safe and liquid but still get growth!

Learn to properly educate them on how to build their own private bank with life insurance and sky’s the limit!


  • If this training helped you with just one or two larger cases that helped you make over $120,000, wouldn’t your ROI be over 8,000%?
  • What if you stumbled upon a monster 7-figure case like I keep coming across?

There is so much cash out there, and people are getting nervous when the bottom will fall out from under us again.

There’s been no better time than RIGHT NOW to be a ninja in the life insurance industry!

Are you ready to position yourself as the local expert?

Join for the full Annual Membership for only $2,220
*plus get 2 half-hour one-on-one calls with each Hutch and Ben (4 calls total) to solidify your learning, grow your business, or hints on cases

Or get started today with the 6-Month Membership for as little as $1,300
*Get 1 half-hour one-on-one call with each Hutch and Ben (2 calls total)

What are you waiting for? Don’t you think you could get a solid return on your investment from just these archived trainings and tools, not to mention what’s to come? We keep pumping out live webinars monthly where you can ask your questions or even have Hutch look over your shoulder on a case you’re working on. Don’t just look at what you have to lose… imagine what you stand to gain!

John "Hutch" Hutchinson, Founder of Banking Truths