Objections Galore

No matter how big or small a case is and no matter how sophisticated the client is in other areas, you’ll consistently be hit with the same pool of objections throughout your career. Rarely am I surprised by a question or concern I haven’t addressed countless times before.

How you speak to these concerns with your prospects can make or break your case. Whether you’re in meeting 1 or meeting 4, these objections will just keep coming until they sign delivery requirements and write that check.


If you give to little detail, you seem like you have something to hide. If you give too much detail, your meeting gets lost in the weeds. If you make something up, it will come back to bite you. And if you say they shouldn’t be worried about it or say that you don’t know, you look like a fool.

You must address these concerns in a way that appeases clients but also without disrupting your process. It’s an art that can mean the difference between:

  • Success or failure in this business
  • Thriving or just surviving in this business
  • 6-figures annually (since 1-2 cases can often double your income)

In these Sessions, Hutch goes into:

  • The psychology of objections
  • “Early-stage objections” w/o getting lost in the weeds
  • “Late-Stage Objections” that require utmost clarification to proceed
  • Whole Life specific objections
  • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) objections
  • Sketches that help to quickly dispel myths your clients hold onto
  • Uncovering hidden objections

One little un-cared-for objection can derail your entire case. Hours of conversations and behind the scenes preparation can come unraveled in an instant if you don’t navigate these landmines littered throughout every meeting.

Your prospects are being spoon-fed objections from their friends, their family, their advisors, and the media. It’s up to you to shed light on what’s really going on before they shut you out completely due to irrational fear from outside opinions, half-truths, or complete fabrications.

If this $39.99 helped to rescue just one little case every year, you would achieve an incredible return on this investment.

Guess what… even the accountants and attorneys of your biggest clients bring concerns from the exact same pool of objections. In fact, often they’re the ones stocking the pond!

What if just one of these narratives or drawings helped you to rescue one monster case ever? Could there possibly be a better place for you to invest $39.99?

There are 4.5 hours of content here, all focused on objections that we get in the field every day.

Become more confident in every step of your process, knowing you have an assuring response answer for your clients’ concerns.

(Note: You can digest content at 1.25x or 1.5x speeds if you choose to, or download to your mobile device and enjoy later without using your data.)

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