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FREE "Hybrid Banking" Course
to Turbo-Charge Compounding

FREE "Hybrid Banking" Course
to Turbo-Charge Compounding

“Hybrid Banking” combines the access/control of cash flow banking

 along with the leveraged compounding you get with premium financing

to create a larger pool of tax-exempt non-correlated liquid assets

for retirement as well as any strategic investments along the way

Here’s 5 REASONS why there’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to utilize “Hybrid Banking”:

Interest rates on checking/savings/CDs and even investment grade bonds hover around historic lows

The guaranteed growth rates on properly-structured Whole Life policies from best-of-breed of companies far exceeds what you can earn on other safe & liquid alternatives. 

In fact, when you include the non-guaranteed dividends we’re even finding these Whole Life policies track with the best performing IUL policies on the market.

Low rates from turnkey lending programs often allow for positive arbitrage to be earned on loaned money, not to mention the convenience of aggregating multiple family policies onto one secure online portal. Access your policy equity at any time with a convenience checkbook, free wires, and ACH transfers.

The threat of future higher taxes seems imminent with all the post COVID bailout, stimulus, and infrastructure programs. Creating a pool of tax-exempt assets has never been more pressing than now so you can “toggle & time your tax” during retirement when strategically siphoning money from 401(k)s.

How many of you can relate to one of these statements:

I get a bad feeling whenever I hear the words “borrow” or “loan”

I get concerned about adding “another bill” when starting a new life insurance policy

I wonder if the insurance companies can sustain good growth on these policies

I want to know what happens if interest rates go up or down a lot in the future

I wonder if my retirement would be better served investing in other assets

Stop Wondering ... And Learn!

Stop Wondering ... And Learn!

Enter… Hutch's brand new FREE
mini-course on "Hybrid Banking"

A knowledge-rich mini-video course fully explaining:

• how this strategy plays out over time
• modeling multiple contingency plans if things don’t go as planned
• demonstrating how it can enhance traditional wealth building & retirement planning strategies.

No Sugar-Coating

No Book-Cooking

No Complex Insurance Drivel

No Smoke & Mirrors

No High-Pressure Sales Pitch

No Cost to Learn More

Just the info you need to see if it’s worth exploring further


What if 20-minutes of research per night provided you the path to clarity & confidence WITHIN ONE WEEK?

How many nights a week do you waste 20-minutes on “bubble gum for the brain” (Netflix, Social Media, etc.)​?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the FREE video course:

"Hybrid Banking" Orientation: Addressing the Elephant in the Room (6.5 minutes)

The orientation helps dissect our biases and common knee-jerk reaction to words like “borrow” and “loan”. In fact most of us have strategically and responsibly used arbitrage & OPM (other peoples’ money) via a home mortgage to create extremely beneficial results for our family. In many ways “Hybrid Banking” can be similar only with more liquidity and guaranteed growth of your cash value.

Lesson II: Solving “Your Cash Problem” with the Math of Leverage & Arbitrage (15-minutes)

Most of our clients have a “cash problem”, but not the one you’re thinking of. It’s not that they don’t have enough cash, but too much cash sitting on the sidelines not compounding for them. Regardless of which “cash problem” you have this “Hybrid Banking” strategy can help, and the tail-end of this video shows the long term math behind several different interest rate scenarios.

Lesson III: The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid= Control + Accessible Leverage When Desired (7-minutes)

One of the biggest benefits of cash flow banking is access/control along with is accessible & affordable leverage when opportunities arise. This video shows how the “Hybrid Banking” strategy incorporates elements of both to give you the best of both worlds and the ability to toggle towards which you want more of at any given time. 

Lesson IV: Shopping Free Markets Twice to Maximize “the Spread” (13-minutes)

Clients often hyper-focus on either the growth rate or the policy loan rate. With “Hybrid Banking” either figure in a vacuum is utterly meaningless! With optimized “Hybrid Banking”, the only meaningful number is “the spread” between your growth rate and loan rate to maximize long term arbitrage. This video explores how we help you maximize the spread to optimize your liquidity & cash flows.

Lesson V: Whole Life as your Hub for the Ultimate Cash Flow Management System (11-minutes)

Clients often get excited enough to take out a life insurance policy designed for banking, but then neglect to use it. In this video Hutch shows you how to use Whole Life (or even IUL) as the hub for the ultimate cash flow management system. This eye-opening video helps you overcome those inner-biases so you can create meaningful compounding with what were previously dead assets to you.

Lesson VI: Do the Cash Flow Dance with your Goldilocks Policy (10-minutes)

Choosing the right size policy is often the biggest conundrum for clients once they grasp the power at work with “Hybrid Banking.” This video discusses how to custom-fit your own personalized strategy as well as addressing the biggest downfalls from getting either too big of a policy or too small of a policy. 

Lesson VII: How Whole Life Helps You Sooner (27-minutes)

WIIFM = What’s in it for me? And how long will it take? Using life insurance as an asset class often gets a bad rap for taking so long to ramp up. Although this isn’t as big of an issue when a policy is designed properly, this video explores exactly how erecting a policy sooner rather than later can help you now in the short and medium term on the way to retirement and beyond.

Lesson VIII: How Whole Life Helps You Later (17 minutes)

Retirement may seem really far out there, and you may have more pressing financial goals long beforehand. Regardless, this video details the many ways that plain old vanilla Whole Life insurance can help you enhance your retirement spending strategy. Once you understand these factors, you may agree that a retirement strategy without Whole life may leave you painted in a corner.

Lesson IX: What Could Go Wrong & How to Handle to Each Instance (19-minutes)

It’s in our primal human nature to spend over 98% of our mental bandwidth preparing for disastrous events that have less than a 2% chance of actually occurring. Nonetheless, it helps us get comfortable with adopting new ideas and strategies. So having been down this road on nearly every single case, Hutch details the worst possible things that could happen and ideas on how to deal with each.

Lesson X: Who is this Strategy Ideal for? (and who it’s not for)

Let’s face it, “Hybrid Banking” isn’t for everyone. After 14 years in the field, Hutch has learned who the ideal candidates are and quite frankly who it’s simply not a good fit for. Hutch also discusses the traits, mindsets, and fact-patterns of the best & worst candidates.

Getting Informed is FREE & Easier than You Think!

Our commitment to technology gives you so many ways to get the information you need whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Mobile Responsive Website – This video course gets automatically resized depending on your device
  • Accelerate Your Learning – Set the video player to 1.25x or 1.5x speed to plow through the course
  • Supplemental Content – All lessons have links to articles & videos to deepen the learning from each lesson
  • Compounding/Leverage Calculator – Get free access to the calculator displayed in the course so you can test/measure your own arbitrage parameters. See what happens when interest rates go up or down a lot. 
  • Every Question Addressed – You probably have several unanswered questions since this is all brand new to you. Since we’ve been down this road so many times before, we’ve heard it all, and therefore address it all for you.


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Hear all about this "Hybrid Banking" mini-course from Hutch himself...

One last thing for you future STAR STUDENTS who are reading this crazy long page!

I know your type firsthand. You want a thorough working knowledge of what any new ideas are all about, especially before putting your hard-earned money to work.

You want to know exactly how things tick, the granular behind-the-scenes details, and all the different things that could possibly go WRONG.

Well, that’s the exact DEEP DIVE you’ll be taking with Hutch. We’ll explore the ideal insurance products and also the optimal loan programs. All of this leads to how you can optimize your future retirement spending strategy in a way that lowers both risk & taxes of your entire portfolio.

Either way, Hutch took his own personal journey using this strategy with his own money as well as spending 1,000’s of hours helping clients do the same.  He boils everything down into this easy-to-follow “Hybrid Banking” mini-course so you can see if it’s right for you.

And he’s happy to share it all with you for the low low price of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents!

GET ACCESS to the "Hybrid Banking" mini-video course NOW!



Isn't your financial future worth 20-minutes of research a night?

How many nights a week do you waste 20-minutes on “bubble gum for the brain” (Netflix, Social Media, etc.)​?

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