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Become Your Own Banker & Transform Your Cash Flow:


 Access to your policy equity whenever emergencies or investment opportunities present themselves.


Controlled growth without market losses. Your equity continues compounding even when borrowed


Tax-sheltered growth
Tax-exempt distributions
Tax-free death benefit


Multi-faceted protection available in case of death, disability, chronic illness, and potentially even against lawsuits.


What You NEED To Know, Whether You Work With Us or Not!

We Were Once In Your Same Shoes:

When we first learned of this private banking strategy as industry professionals in 2008, we immediately saw the potential of NOT doing what banks say…but doing what they do!

Wanting to create our own private family banking policies, we sifted through all the content available on the subject, which we disappointingly found to be:

  • Biased and unbalanced
  • Incomplete and out of date
  • Smoke & mirrors leading to a hyped-up pitch.

As independent financial professionals with our own money on the line, not only did we uncover the whole truth behind becoming your own banker, but we have substantially improved upon its application through continuous innovation.

Now, our own well-funded private family banks act as the hub of our finances, the way station, the launchpad towards:

  • major family expenditures,
  • outside investment opportunities,
  • and our ongoing business ventures.
Bringing this big institutional thinking down to the household level has been both a challenge and a joy! 

We pride ourselves on laying out information that’s factual, up to date, and easy to understand. That way you can quickly arrive at a place of certainty in your understanding of this banking concept while conserving your energy for the other more important things in life.

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I researched the articles & videos at and was intrigued by the level of detail and transparency. I felt comfortable with the team's bedside manner and responsiveness. Also, when asking the hard questions I felt the most confidence in their level of knowledge with their responses and ultimately in designing my plan.
I have used loans against my life insurance to buy cars, a condo with our daughter, fund her college, carry us over during a job transition, and to start a business. Working with the team at Banking Truths has been a great experience. Their depth of knowledge and professionalism have made me a client for life.

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