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Hutch And Brynne’s Training & Software Bundle

Create a Quarantine-Proof Practice in 6-Weeks

Join both Hutch & LNKD expert Brynne Tillman for a 6-weeks masterclass about virtual prospecting on LNKD

Learn the ins & outs of LNKD with Brynne, while Hutch provides proven messaging specific to the banking concept

Live Q&A with both Brynne & Hutch at the end of each 6-week class, plus each course will be archived for you in the site & phone app if you miss

To see the topic of each class, plus a ton of free bonuses from Hutch, keep reading below…

Mastering LNKD for Social Selling Using the Banking Concept

  • Establish your professional brand – Create an intriguing profile and start (re)-connecting
  • Find your ideal prospects – Leverage your network to find your future cases and COI’s
  • Prospect & Build relationships Engage & nurture to be top of mind
  • Engage with Insights – The spark to a conversation are how sales are born
  • Hyper-Targeting & Tracking – Refine & systematize your weekly workflow
  • Q&A with Brynne and Hutch at the end of all six LIVE webinar sessions

If all this did was help you get 2 new paying clients this year, would it be worth it?

What if it helped you get one mega-client or that key center of influence that kept on referring?

4 Essential Training Modules to Boost Your Business

These are 4 of Hutch’s top training modules covering crucial steps in a case. You must be able to open cases with a bang, be ready for any curve-ball concerns a client throws at you, and electrify any illustration spool with the concepts you’ve been educating them on. Watch or listen to these modules on your laptop or in our mobile app for the next 10-weeks.

  • Open with a Bang Using Hutch’s Bank Talk
  • Objections Galore: How to Respond to All
  • Presenting Illustrations: The Art & Science
  • BONUS – Hutch’s Tech Tools: Run Your Practice Virtually
  • BONUS #2 – Multiple office hours calls LIVE with Hutch to ask him anything about anything

If Hutch’s video training helped you answer 1 key objection that saved a case, would it be worth it?

What if it reshaped how you positioned life insurance to clients so you collected 4x more applications?

Get Everything and TRANSFORM YOUR PRACTICE for One Small Investment of $297

With over 11 hours of premier training content, you’ll learn so much more than that 1-thing. You can digest these modules on your laptop at home, or take them on the go using our new phone app. Plus we’re throwing in a 10-week trial of our new banking calculator (and others).

This $297 offer is only good for a limited time before we launch our full-blown training course and perfect our final calculators. Anyone who buys this bundle will get a special coupon code to apply $147 of this payment towards the full course once it’s released, plus get an extra month automatically added onto their membership for being an early adopter now.

Check out what our new calculators can do:

  • Banking Calculator – to prove the merits of private banking with Whole Life or IUL
  • Charges Calculator – unbundle the “hidden fees” in a way that’s transparent & compelling
  • Indexing Calculator – Test & measure different indexed crediting strategies in real-time

Video tutorials included with language from Hutch

Run unlimited scenarios. Download unlimited PDF reports for your clients

Hutch recently just tripled a $50,000 premium case to $150,000 after showing clients the banking calculator.

If the banking calculator made it so obvious to clients they should at least double their desired premium, would it be worth it?

For Producers By Producers

Get Everything and TRANSFORM YOUR PRACTICE for One Small Investment of $297