Bryan Nelson’s Whole Life Content

Bryan entered the financial services industry in 2007 after working for 10 years as an educator. Drawing upon his experience in education, Bryan works painstakingly to simplify complex financial concepts for his clients so they feel comfortable implementing the strategies necessary to achieve their financial goals.

Initially drawn to traditional investments, Bryan started his financial services career with Edward Jones. During that time, he realized, that although clients want to see their money grow, his more conservative clients actually preferred safer and more controlled growth over more volatile growth instruments - even if they eventually outperformed the safer options.

After years of stress testing a slew of financial products, Bryan became convinced that properly-structured life insurance products were often the ideal path to achieve this balance for his more conservative clients. This led Bryan to eventually transition over to ING Financial, which would later become Voya Financial, since they offered both investment and insurance products to their clients.

During his time at Voya Financial, Bryan became more interested in showing his clients how to use life insurance as their own private bank. He eventually became an “Authorized Infinite Banking Concept® Practitioner” as he became more and more interested in using Whole Life insurance as a true, non-correlated asset class to financial markets.

Recently Bryan decided that he must align himself with a group which offered him true independence as a financial professional so he could continuously offer best-of-breed products and strategies to his clients without allegiance to any particular investment or insurance company.

As an independent, Bryan now enjoys researching financial/insurance products of all types and crafting strategies for clients without interference from a parent company mandating him to steer clients toward their “approved product” list.

Bryan enjoys volleyball, hiking, camping, surfing, and spending time with his wife and two kids. He loves coaching his kids’ sports teams. They are members of Calvary Church in Santa Ana. He is a lifelong resident of California, having lived in both Orange County and San Diego.
Bryan Nelson