Attend the “AND Asset ™ Mastermind”

June 23rd & 24th near Denver, Colorado

Immerse Yourself with a rock-star lineup
of presenters in the infinite banking space
(see full list below)

The AND Asset ™ Mastermind will have 3 core themes:

Online Marketing

Product/Selling Strategies

Leadership/Business Coaching

Hutch’s presentation will incorporate a little bit from all 3 areas, and there are a slew of other industry virtuosos in these areas for you to get caught up on the newest best practices.

Online Marketing:

Learn the latest strategies for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn from the people that are actually doing it like:

  • The Wealth Nation team will be speaking about how to start a YouTube channel
  • Mr. Brrrr from Tik Tok will be presenting for the 2nd straight year
  • Caleb Guilliams (who’s hosting the event) and his team will be leading a marketing panel
  • Social media guru Dennis Yu will be there covering all the latest trends from all platforms

Product/Selling Strategies

Better present insurance to your clients with stories, software, and products from:

  • Todd Langford (creator of Truth Concepts) will present his new modules to demonstrate the power of infinite banking for clients
  • Dave Anderson (co-creator of the Lifetime Income Process) will show how cash flow is king when presenting on both life insurance and annuities
  • Other software providers that simplify estate planning as well as tracking client assets & cash flow
  • Top producers sharing their secret sauce on attracting & closing their A-clients

Leadership/Business Coaching

Get the right mindset and framework to better run your practice like a business (an enterprise that keeps working without you):

  • The ever-dynamic Garret Gunderson shares mental models that have made him a prolific presence in our industry as someone who attracts top-tier entrepreneur prospects
  • Rob Gill will help you understand how to scale successfully with strategic partnerships
  • Other software providers to help you scale your practice with automation

There are several others to name them all, but there is definitely a rockstar lineup.

Hutch's Take on Live Industry Events:

Even though I spoke at last year’s event, I attended several sessions and did as much hobnobbing as I could because of these core beliefs I developed over the years regarding industry events:

“Must Be Present to Win”

I also realized that simply by attending I had access to industry rock stars I wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect with. When they come to the event their gatekeepers are back at the office and their focus is right there on the people who came to learn from them.

“In-the-flesh Chat GPT”

The quality of the feedback you get is directly correlated to the specificity of your prompting question. When dynamic speakers are in the moment with you, they are often very generous with their time and the amount of information they’ll share customized to your specific question.

“The Meeting After the Meeting”

What I realized when I was coming up in the business is that I often learned as much or more connecting with different people on breaks or at dinner.

“Peer-to-Peer Value Sharing”

Some of my most trusted allies in the business are the peers I met at events like these. Having a network of like-minded practitioners gives me immediate access to free real-time help and advice whenever I need it.

So how do you develop these relationships?

You meet like-minded practitioners at events you’re both drawn to!

but wait, there's more!

Hutch's Special Bonuses:

  • Copies of Hutch’s notes & insights from all the presentations he attends

  • AND Asset ™ Recap Webinar #1 (on product & strategy & software)
    • Hutch will break down his key takeaways from all the presentations dealing with product, strategy, and software.
  • AND Asset ™ Recap Webinar #2 (on marketing & business scaling)
    • Hutch will break down his key takeaways from all the presentations dealing with marketing and business scaling.
  • Hutch’s Tax Talk Doc (similar to his on-stage presentation)
    • PDF worksheet Hutch uses with clients featuring highest & lowest tax brackets, debt to GDP ratio, and visualized tax thresholds with key breakpoints.
  • Hutch’s Bank Balance Sheet Open Talk training with printable PDF
    • Hutch breaks down how to do his ultra-effective paradigm-shifting open talk featuring the major bank balance sheets showing billions of life insurance cash value as reserves

Event Agenda

Thursday, June 22nd

Open House Networking
Drinks & Hors d’oeuvres

Friday, June 23rd

All Day Programming
Both Lunch & Steak Dinner Are Included 

Saturday, June 24th

All Day Programming
Lunch Included
5pm Finish

You’ll Definitely Learn Those 1-2 things (plus probably 10 more)

Bio's of SOME of the Speakers:

Caleb Guilliams, Author & Speaker

Garrett Gunderson, Author & Speaker

Chris Kirkpatrick, President & Founder of Life 180

Mary Lyons, The Wealth Woman

David Anderson, Founder & CEO

Chris Naugle, Author & Mentor

Dennis Yu, BlitzMetric & Social Media Marketing

Brock Fortner, Financial Professional

Kyle Fuller, Truth Concepts & Family Banking

John "Hutch" Hutchinson, Founder & CEO