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The “Banking Truths 2021 Primer” is a power-packed value-laden digital training & software bundle that will help you quickly get up to speed and powerfully positioned to exponentially expand your life insurance production in 2021.

Here’s 5 REASONS why the stage is set for 2021 to be your best year ever as an agent:

For the first time ever, the AICPA is advising its entire constituent of accountants that it may be better to accelerate income (rather than defer), and to take advantage of life insurance’s unique tax status and planning opportunities. We’ve been saying this for years, but we’re no longer alone.

It’s only a matter of time before today’s favorable estate planning legislation is overturned or watered down. Plus Stretch IRAs are mostly gone! This opens up a whole other avenue of life insurance planning strategies. Welcome back ILIT sale layups!

On a personal level, you may not be thrilled about the election results, but neither are your wealthiest prospects. Whether adverse change happens in 2021, 2022, 0r 2024, the writing is on the wall, and they are more MOTIVATED than EVER to seek help to take action. 

Low rates and market volatility are here to stay. This may be affecting life insurance products, but we are still head and shoulders better than other “safe money alternatives.” And almost everyone you know is craving some semblance of SAFE despite record highs on Wall St.!

Everyone’s “new-normal” of consulting via Zoom has been our “normal” for well over a decade. Only now the world is primed to transact virtually, which makes your business (and your life) so much more user-friendly than the suited & booted office jockey or traveling salesman lifestyle.

We decided to call it a primer because so many of you feel stuck given how the world has transformed all around us.

Invite-only events included with the “Banking Truths 2021 Primer”:

All sessions will be at 1:00 PST and also will be recorded and available for you in your member dashboard to watch at 1.25x or 1.5x speed.

EVENT 1 - Hutch's Holiday Helpful Chats + His Current Policy Favorites

Mon 12/21/2020 @ 1:00 PST

Your year’s only done if you want it to be. There are amazing financial opportunities still available in 2020, but only until 12/31. Not to mention there are a couple “9-month wait & see” strategies that can help your clients straddle the fence while waiting for new legislation. People you care about need to know (heck, you may use them too), and we’ll help you show up like an oracle offering timely information that should lead to immediate opportunities. Also, Hutch shares his current favorite products and why. He’ll also stay after for Q&A on anything.

EVENT 2 - Hutch Helps Hone in on Your Dream Year (Part 1)

Tue 1/5/2021 @ 1:00 PST

Now more than ever the lines have blurred between your work life & home life. If you’re not working your dream job or living your dream life, you’re missing out. Tony Robbins says that “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Hutch has spent tens of thousands of dollars with some of the top self-actualization mentors out there, and wants to share some of his favorite takeaways to setting goals and having your best year ever on many levels. Your personal fulfillment leads to more business success, not vice-versa. Get aligned for 2021. Your clients will notice!

EVENT 3 - Banking Software Updates & AHA Session

Wed 1/13/2021 @ 1:00 PST

Live updates on software upgrades with case studies (even though you’ll have prior access and training videos for each calculator). Plus, get your own personal A.H.A. where you can Ask Hutch Anything! See what I did there?… LOL. Stay on to ask about a case, product selection, tech tools, where to focus next on your learning, etc.

EVENT 4 - Hutch Helps Hone in on your Dream Year (Part 2)

Mon 1/18/2021 @ 1:00 PST

Drill down on the goals you’ve previously set (in the Jan 5th session above) in a way that’s actionable and sustainable to forge breakthrough results and meaningful change to accompany your emerging financial success in 2021. Hutch has spent tens of thousands of dollars and literally weeks of his life in these types of trainings, and he’s going to share some of the most impactful takeaways with you to transform those lofty goals into your daily reality.

EVENT 5 - Biden Tax Plan Updates ala Hutch (plus industry product updates)

TBD - feb 2021

Hutch has to complete 72-hours of Tax Continuing Education by 1/31/2021. He’s been waiting to cram on the new and upcoming tax law changes, so he doesn’t waste time on obsolete classes. Meanwhile, practicing CPAs must stay focused on prior laws as their clients approach the 2020 filing deadline. Get the latest tax updates through the lens of an advanced insurance agent in a timely manner so your clients can hear it from you first. Plus many carriers will have revamped their products to comply with the new AG49-A, so Hutch will spend some time on the product landscape. Stay for your own AHA and live Q&A afterwards.


If all these Live virtual sessions weren’t enough, you also get 90-days of unlimited access to beta test Hutch’s New and Improved Banking Truths Brain Tools. Use our calculators live with your clients or make printouts to prove the merits of using insurance as the holding tank of choice for their safe and liquid assets.

  • Banking Calculator – Prove the merits of private banking with either Whole Life or IUL
  • Charges Calculator – Unbundle the “hidden fees” in a way that’s transparent & visually compelling
  • Indexing Calculator – Test & measure different indexed crediting strategies in real-time
  • Compounding Calculator – Show clients what they’re missing sitting in cash or bonds
  • Liquidity Calculator (The Pants) – Help clients visualize how premiums aren’t going down a black hole, but simply flowing from one pocket to another
  • (New) Calculator Dashboard – Archive cases for later. One spreadsheet now works for multiple calculators. Save, rename, and tweak for multiple scenarios
  • (New) Clickable Animations – Walk your clients through the concept before moving on to data
  • (New) Banking Quiz – Bring your client back to the big picture after schooling them with data

Peek inside the latest enhancements of the Banking Truths Brain Tools = the calculators:


We’re also including access to some of our best archived modules to help you powerfully open conversations with prospects and walk them towards a virtual consultation with the software.

  • Elevator Pitch Architecture
  • Open with a Bang Using Hutch’s Bank Talk
  • Objections Galore: How to Respond to All
  • Presenting Illustrations: The Art & Science
  • BONUS – Hutch’s Tech Tools: Run Your Practice Virtually

Access on your computer or via mobile by downloading our app.


Holiday Helpful Chats / Current Policy Favorites Webinar (Valued at $197)
Hutch Helps Hone in on Your Dream Year Part 1 Webinar (Valued at $197)
Software Updates & AHA Session Webinar (Valued at $197)
Hutch Helps Hone in on Your Dream Year Part 2 Webinar (Valued at $197)
2021 Biden Tax Plan Updates ala Hutch Webinar (Valued at $197)

BankingTruths Brain Tools (Valued at $447 )
Archived Greatest Hits (Valued at $297)
Dedicated Time to Ask Hutch Anything (Valued at $175 (or priceless)) 

Total Value = $1904.00

Today’s Price = FREE FOR YOU!

I understand that I am solely responsible for my own results in the field. I know that success in the life insurance business comes from diligent study and hard work. It is the exception and not the rule, and that this is not some kind of get rich scheme, magic bullet, or guarantee of success. I also understand that information presented in this course is conceptual in nature and will not apply to every client situation. I am responsible to verify the validity of any information presented herein, and to make sure that anything that I choose to present to a client is not only compliant, but in their best interest. I agree to hold and its affiliates harmless for any torts or liabilities arising from my own actions and words. All sales are final.